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Mission Statement:

To experience the fullness of our freedom and liberty, and to enjoy a thriving economy first requires strong public moral values that encourage the growth of strong, traditional families.


To get there, we have to separate fact from fiction. One of the most dangerous fictions of our time is the claim, “I’m fiscally conservative, but socially liberal,” is a convenient myth. The fact is social issues are fiscal issues, and fiscal issues are social (moral) issues.

Founded and led by Joe Giganti aka the Regular Joe, Wisconsin Strong will achieve these goals by:

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    Defining Conservatism: Wisconsin Strong will offer a clear, uncompromising definition of what it means to be conservative. This definition will take the form of a written pledge that any pursuing elected office will sign if they want the support of the Badger State conservatives.

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    Ranking Republicans: Wisconsin Strong will develop a comprehensive ranking system for all elected Republicans and conservatives. The ranking will include their voting record, but not be solely depend upon it. Instead, it will look at the totality of the elected official’s work promoting conservative values. These rankings will help to clarify who conservative voters should re-hire/hire and who should be fired.

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    Educate & Activate: This statewide effort will depend upon developing localized grassroots chapters that will be active in their local communities. Working with partner organizations, Wisconsin Strong will identify these local leaders through highly effective training and educational events to empower the grassroots in their effort to make Wisconsin Strong.

Working together, the state-wide organization and local chapters will educate Wisconsinites about freedom, liberty, economic principles and traditional values to ensure these principles are preserved within our great state at every level.


Donation Information:

Wisconsin Strong, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization*. Donations are tax-deductible. Check donations can be made payable to Wisconsin Strong, Inc. and mailed to: Wisconsin Strong 1255 Scheuring Road, Suite A | De Pere, WI 54115


Contact Information:

Wisconsin Strong, Inc.

1255 Scheuring Road, Suite A

De Pere, WI 54115

(920) 619-1900
Wisconsin Strong Members